First Online Bank envisioned as a foundation (bank) for
Twitter, the next generation of Super App.

A Super App is an all-in-one platform that integrates various functionalities like messaging, social networking, e-commerce, financial services, transportation, and more.

However, integrating different currencies like Dogecoin, US dollars, and foreign currencies to work seamlessly across a Super App can be complex and challenging.

While Twitter seems to be making progress towards achieving this, a strong foundation (i.e., a bank) will be necessary to support these complex functionalities and enable users to access e-commerce, crypto, demand account banking, lending, and even custom “credits” and “debits” within the Super App.

Additionally, as a bank offering profit-generating abilities for its customers to build loyalty, enhance trade through blockchain and barter options all on top of the Super App become possible.

Making the Super App more lucrative for its users will create a strong competitive advantage potentially even capturing a significant share of the entire on-demand banking and lending space (because its ripe for disruption and Apple’s Card may not be enough).

Regardless, a credible, recognizable, and brandable domain like First Online Bank is necessary for trust, offsets any stigma associated with social networks — necessary to protect a domain like Twitter while offering the ability to branch out (forgive the pun).


An international bank, just starting out, may have to reach a dozen markets to stabilize its identity. Conservatively (ultra-conservative), a bank on an upward trajectory, in its first year of operation — with the right marketing effort behind it — would see at least $17 million in its first year alone with 3-10x increases in revenue year-over-year for the next several years.

Pricing for this domain is based on a first-year marketing budget. (20% of that estimated revenue). This translates a marketing budget to around $3.4 million in the first year.

This presents a staggering opportunity for the right buyer, and we’re only asking for just less than 5% of a typical first year’s marketing budget to make this a reality.

Unlike Tesla, which had limited supply ability and other issues like manufacturing and distribution, a bank needs to prioritize marketing to establish itself in the market (a bank is after all a retail organization).

However, we can expect that ongoing costs for marketing First Online Bank will go down sharply after the first year because the name itself has “instant credibility” (trust and branding is no longer a problem especially sitting behind a mega-brand like Twitter).

This is my vision, and if you’re interested in this exciting opportunity, please reach out. Together, we can establish First Online Bank as the foundation for the next generation of Super App.

Bill A Murray