Long-Term Value

A premium domain name becomes the foundation of any successful brand.

Consider the following changing demographics (both due to the pandemic as well evolving technologies):

  1. Timing for this opportunity is right because people are spending less time going to retail establishments. Even though we can predict the pandemic will end over the next 24-36 months, and it spells trouble for bricks-and-mortar retail bank branches as this trend is not likely to reverse.

  2. Customer Relationship Management opportunities for small business are also growing as fintech, proptech and other markets continue to emerge.

  3. Recurring Contract Revenue. In addition to a new ability to provide additional peace-of-mind beyond the FDIC and general fiat banking at large, it may also interest you to learn that although crypto currency is no longer a "shadow market" the real long-term value to an online bank is not about the exchange services that a bank could provide, but the contract management services and oversight that can be embedded within the crypto. These new levels of safety will change the future of busines banking and First Online Bank has a solid opportunity to set the pace before it takes off in the United States.

  4. Virtual Branches, just like online doctor visits, virtual branches can and will become the norm for doing business. Making appointments, discussing plans with your advisor, and enhanced, customized banking services leaving the human in the loop will also contribute to long-term value. This will also require enhanced solutions to link and consolidate partner suppliers to better position more efficient banking services.

  5. Rapid and Unlimited Reach. First Online Bank could easily be a multi- national bank expanding custom and preferred banking services to select clients around the world.

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Acquiring a bank charter requires extensive planning and a significant investment in time and money.

Automatic Branding

The firstonlinebank.com provides instant recognition and credibility along with the automatic brand awareness that makes it easy to quickly build trust with both existing and prospective customers.

Sensible Pricing

Building a world-class brand easily costs more than $1,000,000. Pricing for this domain includes multiple options to build a competitive website with an experienced provider and comes with the domain too.

Be Competitive.

Embracing the next generation of banking means building new barriers to entry along with the essential products and services that are currently unavailable through almost every other bank today.