Letter to Investors

Dear Prospective Buyer or Investor,

The world is changing!

Banking simply must keep pace with rapid changes in alternative forms of currency and how we redefine the way we think of the term, "bank."

Most banks, from neighborhood banks to credit unions to major retail outlets like the Bank of America or Chase all have branches to serve the public. But, with a pandemic fueled shift to doing everything you can online we are now witnessing - in real-time - a complete shift in culture that ultimately means new opportunities for online banks and crypto- based solutions (and potentially significant losses for existing banks that refuse to embrace this new change).

The Spiraling Effect. As cryptocurrencies stabilize they will eventually become banks. This new breed of banking will be able to provide more and better ways to transact while keeping pace with technology. In addition to more alternatives, they will also provide more secure ways to service corporate customers through blockchain and other products.

Comparable to the demise of publishing. To say the future of banking will largely "stay the same" is the exact same attitude that publishing companies had all the way to their demise beginning in the early 2000's (for most of them). The ones that still remain, have embraced online, largely rethought their processes and their branding too.

The entertainment industry has also started this transition (also perhaps initiated by the current pandemic) beginning with the movie, "Mulan" which bypassed theaters completely and only released online. Streaming services (comparable to cryptocurrencies in the banking world) are fast becoming major studios.

Credibility and Trust are Paramount

Branding, credibility and trust must exist in any market situation where trades occur regardless of asset. This is especially true, right now, in cryptocurrencies. Any system of banking or transaction will be scrutinized and regulated by the jurisdiction that they operate within. And, as new banks form with "crypto in mind" we will see new and different regulations (and bad actors that will take advantage of people).

In todays climate, automatic branding and instant credibility are essential.

The www.firstonlinebank.com domain is the future of banking

This is more than just a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone to own a premium high-value asset. The right buyer will provide defining leadership in technology and is able to embrace the opportunities it holds. This domain must find the right owner.

My Support
I have included multiple pricing options that include:
(a) A straight sale of the domain,
(b) An implementation without the need for alot of design planning (modified boilerplate)1, or
(c) Conservative pricing for a full-service option1.

Please note that the average cost of building a real competitive site like First Online Bank is directly on-par with this pricing and by working with me you get the domain as well!

I previously founded, and recently sold, my ownership in a small boutique web consulting company that provides services for one of the nation's largest banks. Our company implemented the current site (re)design and provides both ongoing maintenance while supporting their transformative efforts to extend their brand to "virtual branches". I oversaw this project from design planning to implementation to launch.

Throughout my career, I have also worked on the front-lines for leading Content Management System software providers and managed several major online properties ranging from Fortune 500 to government to special interest including the largest news publication in the entertainment industry.

If you choose to buy the domain outright I am of course happy to sell it but then you will have to take your chances.

Finally, success, like any other business, relies on solid brand potential to overcome the risks associated with startup and customer acquisition: The First Online Bank brand has that potential.

I am open to structuring a buyout (or buyout with my services) in almost any way that makes the most sense for your business.

Please consider purchasing.

My Best Regards,

Bill A Murray

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Discover the Benefits

Acquiring a bank charter requires extensive planning and a significant investment in time and money.

Automatic Branding

The firstonlinebank.com domain provides instant recognition and credibility along with the automatic brand awareness that makes it easy to quickly build trust with both existing and prospective customers.

Sensible Pricing

Building a world-class brand easily costs more than $1,000,000. Pricing for this domain includes multiple options to build a competitive website with an experienced provider and comes with the domain too.

Be Competitive.

Embracing the next generation of banking means building new barriers to entry along with the essential products and services that are currently unavailable through almost every other bank today.