Design Option:

Use an Existing Design

(Create a Custom Design instead)

Price includes the First Online Bank domain(s) and a 17-week project using an existing or boilerplate design

This development option modifies an existing design (or uses a boilerplate design), provides content writing1, development and integration. This project is estimated by a straight-line scope for website development. Vendor Integration and Partnership Support will be addendums.

Please understand that this pricing does not include the purchase of content management software.

The project, using an existing design, may take 17-weeks and includes the following work:

 Week 1  Kick-Off Meeting
Discuss or introduce an existing template, requirements, adopt sitemap and planning
 Weeks 1-2  Content Planning
Working with bank vendors, marketing and internal staff to begin content development
 Weeks 3-9  Content Research & Writing1,2
Produce content for each template
 Weeks 7-11  Front-End Development
Inital templates will be aligned to content; followed by two (2) additional rounds
 Weeks 7-17  Development, Implementation, Production, QA and Launch
The site will be integrated into the CMS3 and a launch date will be established

Implementing vendor products3 and ongoing maintenance4 are not included in this scope.

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  1. Our content process includes 2-rounds of research, draft, and marketing approval.
    (content changes after marking approval or second round results in a change request)

  2. A review and sign-off effort with your compliance officers are critical to completion of this step.

  3. Vendor Products might include financial services such as demand accounts (like checking/savings) or mortgage processing, etc.

  4. Integration of Cryptocurrency is not included in this project and would require substantial planning efforts.

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